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The Kivin Method

The beauty of the Kivin Method is that you can create intense oral stimulation for a woman while getting immediate feedback that you are in the right place. You can also use this method to add a new angle for both of you. For ease of explanation, locate the K and C points on the diagram. Then follow the directions below:

  • The man lies perpendicular to the woman at a 90-degree angle to her hip.
  • The woman’s only responsibility is to receive sensation.
  • The partner uses a back-and-forth tongue stroke over the hood of the clitoris. Men who have practiced this technique have said that when the woman is aroused, they can feel two bumps on either side of the clitoral hood that feel like half grains of rice. These are the K points.
  • The C point is how to get immediate feedback from the woman that you are in the right place. The man places his middle finger on her perineum, the C point, which is the quarter-size area between the vagina and anus. Make sure your nails are short and that she can only feel your finger pad, not your nail. The reason you will get immediate feedback is when your tongue is stroking in the correct place, the woman will experience involuntary, preorgasmic contractions in this area. Your finger doesn’t move; it stays still, because if you do move your finger you may move her concentration from the clitoral hood area to the perineum. By reading her body, you will be able to maintain correct tongue placement without wondering, “Am I there? Where is there? Have I moved from there?”
  • Once you have started, don’t stop. Continue past her initial orgasmic response, as often this stimulation is the most intense and satisfying portion of the orgasm.
  • Some couples have added a position adjustment: The woman curls her legs up to her chest and the man uses his arm to keep them pushed back and stabilized. In this way, the woman is very widely spread open and can receive even more intense stimulation.

(Lou Paget, The Great Lover Playbook)

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