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“Where did we come from? I find the explanation that we were made in stars to be deep, elegant, and beautiful. This explanation says that most atoms in each of our bodies were built up out of smaller particles produced in the furnaces of long-gone stars. Only our primordial hydrogen bits were born before stars. In a cosmic accounting, we are 90 percent star remnants. At our core, humans are essentially the by-products of nuclear fusion. The intense pressures and temperatures of these giant stoves thickened collapsing clouds of tiny elemental bits into heavier bits, which, once fused, were blown out into space as the furnace died. The heaviest atoms in our bones may have required more than one cycle in the star furnaces to fatten up. Uncountable numbers of built-up atoms congealed into a planet, and a strange disequilibrium called life swept up a subset of those atoms into our mortal selves. We are all collected stardust. And by a most elegant and remarkable transformation, our star stuff is capable of looking into the night sky to perceive other stars shining. They seem remote and distant, but we are really very close to them, no matter how many light-years away they are. All we see of one another was born in stars. How beautiful is that?”

—   Kevin Kelly
  • 28 January 2013
  • 27